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CraftDragon keycaps

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$55.00 USD
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$55.00 USD
Raffle Sale period: Mar 15th PST 06:00 - Mar 17th PST 06:00
Embark on your next blocky adventure with the ultimate companions by your side – Steve, Alex, and the mighty Ender Dragon. Whether you're mining for diamonds, battling mobs, or exploring the Nether, the CraftDragon keycaps are here to aid you on your journey. You can rest assured that even Creepers won't be able to blow your keyboard up! Bring these companions home by joining the raffle sale below before it ends.

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Name: CraftDragon keycaps
Series: Dragon/Beast series
Quantity: Limited 30 pcs
Colors: CraftDragon Ender ver. / CraftDragon Alex ver. / CraftDragon Steve ver. 
Stem type: Mx only
Technique: Cast Resin
Material: Resin

Please Note!* Handmade keycaps are delicate art pieces, please use Keycap Pullers when removing keycap and handle with care

Please note that this is a raffle sale. You will only be able to purchase this keycap during this week's raffle keycap sale.

The current estimated ship date is:
Apr 22nd, 2024