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GemCat Rnd3 keycaps

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$55.00 USD
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$55.00 USD
Raffle Sale period: Sept 29th PST 06:00 - oct 1st PST 06:00

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Name: GemCat keycaps
Series: Cat series
Quantity: Limited 30 pcs
Colors: GemCat Sapphire ver. / GemCat Tourmaline ver. / GemCat Citrine ver. / GemCat blue topaz ver.
Stem type: Mx only
Technique: Cast Resin
Material: Resin

Special keycap Case: The GemCat will be encased in our special metal constellation case*

Please Note!* Handmade keycaps are delicate art pieces, please use Keycap Pullers when removing keycap and handle with care

Please note that this is a raffle sale. You will only be able to purchase this keycap during this week's raffle keycap sale.

The current estimated ship date is:
Oct 23rd, 2023