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Jawscat Mizu ver. keycaps

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$55.00 USD
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$55.00 USD
Meet the Jawscat Mizu ver.  keycaps!

Name:  Jawscat Mizu ver.  keycaps
Series: Cat series
Color:  Jawscat Mizu Noctiluca (Light Blue Cat) / Jawscat Mizu Mariana (Dark Blue Cat) /  Jawscat Mizu Moon (Grey Cat)
Price: $55usd x amount of keycaps   +   shipping x1 (International: $14USD , Middle East & India: $40 USD)
Stem type: Mx only
Technique: Cast Resin
Material: Resin

Please Note!* Handmade keycaps are delicate art pieces, please use Keycap Pullers when removing keycap and handle with care

Fulfillment Sale period: May 11th(~EST 11:00)- May 13th(~EST 11:00)

Please note that this is a fulfillment sale. You will only be able to purchase this keycap during this week's keycap sale and never again.

We will send out invoices on May 13th after the sale period ends(Please check your email to not miss your entry!!).

All invoices will be sent by ACkeycaps*
Please complete the payment 24hrs within receiving the invoice

The current estimated ship date is: June 13th 2022

Thank you! :)